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The story behind the bio:

Peter Mandic's influences were on the Rolling Stone's side of musical taste.  A 1963 $20 guitar from Eatons with finger bleeding action and a few cheep electric guitars kept him interested in playing until a breakthrough in 1980 when a friend taught him Stairway to Heaven.  This spawned a ten-year stretch of weekly Tuesday night jams covering hundreds of songs.  In 1999, Peter took a course at Humber College and found a passion in song writing. 

Mandic's first CD in 2002, When the Wine Runs the Show, was recorded live off the floor at Humber College with a student band  Only one hundred were produced in a unique metal tin box.  Total sales were donated to Rose Cherry's hospice for children. 

Mandic's self-titled 2004 CD was his first studio CD. It had great session players with Charlie Coolie on drums, Burke Carroll on pedal steel and Lisa MacIssac on fiddle with producer Sean Baillie on electric guitar.  Two songs received honourable mention from the Billboard World Song Contest.  "The music is lush and fulfilling. A very solid recording, and a very well performed and produced one as well. Songwriting the way it used to be and in a style I wouldn't mind hearing some more of…" Steve Allat, Muses Muse

Mandic's third CD in 2008, I Used to Work, was the first with the Peter Mandic Band.  It was formed in 2006 when Peter answered an ad in the Penny Saver by veteran bassist Paul McKeracher who was looking to play original songs.  George Douglas on mandolin and Bruce Walton on cajon filled out the band.  Mandic's songs took on a new life and inspired many new songs.  His song Razor Wire was featured throughout an episode of CBC's The Ffth Estate after Wayne Carlson, who was in a BC prison, passed on a demo of a song Mandic had co-written to the show's producer.  The song was crafted using a poetic letter Carlson wrote to his girlfriend.  This CD was a retirement project, once again engineered by Sean Baillie and recorded at the Treehouse in Fergus. "It's backyard music with acoustic tones as warm and soothing as a summer breeze." "It's lovely, back-to-basics music that goes nicely with sunshine, a cold drink and the smell of a barbecue."…Colin Hunter, Guelph Mercury

Mandic's fourth CD in 2010, Swan Song, was not in the cards but Terry Golletz, who took over from George Douglas on mandolin, wanted to record the band in his Elora studio. Golletz recorded the final tracks after Mandic came back from Australia with three new songs. Mastered by Tom Althouse, it has become a favourite. Two of these new songs were submitted to the Australian Songwriters song writing contest, and both made it to the top 30. The name of the CD coincided with Mandic's exit from the band late in 2010. It was time to reflect and regroup.

Mandic and McKeracher continued with weekly jam sessions.  Six months later McKeracher had a knee replaced and Peter decided to spend his days with Paul. Peter bought a Gretsch and Paul started teaching him lead and bass.  Rivertown was born.

Pam Davies, Honey Mustard Jam, joined Rivertown on backing vocals during their set at the Fergus RiverWalk Festival and then at their Brew House gig.  Davies was a nice addition.  Michele Hart, an accomplished vocalist, serendipitously dropped into a rehearsal and joined Davies on harmony vocals. "We knew immediately we had something special." At the next rehearsal, Michele suggested that they call themselves the Cupcakes after one of their favourite Mandic songs.  Rivertown and the Cupcakes were born.

His songs are folk/rock. "Mandic's singing voice is nothing fancy, nor does it need to be. His tone resides somewhere between Tom Petty and Bob Dylan, but he's not imitating anyone."… Colin Hunter, Guelph Mercury.  Depending on the song, people also hear Leonard Cohen and Pink Floyd.  "Peter's songs are about real life struggles, but he expresses it in very straightforward terms. It makes for a very relaxing listen, when combined with the laid back music that accompanies. 'Carlson', particularly, showcases Peter's storytelling capability and is based on a true story - always interesting."… Steve Allat, Muses Muse

Rivertown and the Cupcakes debuted in August. "As the host of Brubacher Homestead's very first Outdoor Concert, I was one of the fortunate listeners who got to hear Rivertown and the Cupcakes make their debut this past weekend. Wow, what a treat that was! Pete Mandic has gotten himself a few sidekicks that add lots of interest and pizzazz to his new band. Both Pam Davies and Michele Hart did a great job of harmonizing.  A number of guests approached me after the concert to comment on how much they enjoyed Pete's lyrics, and the overall sound of this band. Go see these guys when you get a chance!!!"… Marg Brubacher.