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February 2017
Sad news: O'Brien's Tap House has been sold. For almost 7 years, OBs has been a music destination for Jill and I, from the Adam Shaw Thursday night jams to the monthly Adam and Andy Shows where I interned as bassist for almost five years. Rumour has it that the new owners will turn it into a Celtic pub with grub and will personally staff it.  There are no plans for music at this time. All good things must come to an end.
January 2017
I couldn't be having more fun. Four and a half years later, I am still playing bass with the Adam and Andy Show which plays at O'Brien's Tap House in Fergus on the first Saturday of the month. I still feel like somewhat of an intern since there is no set list and new songs, which I don't know, are broken out all the time. The challenge is to figure out the key and then the chords the boys are playing. I'm getting much better at it.
M2S has been together now for four years. What a thrill to play with these talented boys. They are keeping me young. I love all of the songs they pull out of their pasts, challenging and extremely satisfying. We try to rehearse once a week at my place where we work on putting finishing touches on new songs and explore new suggestions. Ryan Young on drums is our time keeper and the one who crafts our every changing set list before each gig.
I still get together every once in a while with Paul McKeracher and Bruce Davies to keep my songs alive. Paul is the one who pushes for this. Paul loves playing bass on my songs as I love hearing him raise my songs to a higher level. 'Bruiser' Davies adds tasty percussion to complete our basement trio.
In our town of Fergus, Adam Shaw runs an open mic at our local pub, O'Brien's Tap House, on Thursday nights. I usually bring my bass to accompany those looking to add bass to their songs but I also get up and play some of my songs on Adam's guitar. It's a fun night when half the pub sings along.
September 2012
My interest in playing my own songs has taken a back seat to playing bass.  I have come to realize I have always loved bass and some of my favourite songs stood out because of their great bass lines.  At concerts I would find myself spending more time that normal watching the bass player.  I loved the groove. Strangely, I never thought I could learn to play the bass.  It does involve adding a new set of calluses onto my already severely callused fingers. My goal has been to learn a song a week but there is a drawback to playing bass.  It permeates the entire house.  Jill came home one day and said she could hear me in the car as she drove up the driveway.  This week I found a solution. I bought a pair of Sony open headphones, which allows me to hear normally so I can play along with songs on my computer but my bass is only heard by me. 

My bass guitars are a Fender Jazz with flat-wound strings and a fretless Stagg.  The Stagg is like driving on a road without speed bumps, a bit of a challenge but the tonal rewards are incredibly satisfying.  

Songwriting is now low on my priority but when songs like the bluesy Automobile, present themselves on the bass, I follow the same process to completion.  I couldn't have written this song on guitar, which proves that new instruments inspire new songs. And it sure is a big thrill when you hear the song come alive with guitars and percussion during jam sessions with Paul McKeracher (rhythm electric guitar), Andy Robillard (vocals/ lead guitar), and Bruce Davies (cajon).  

Adam Shaw and Andy Robillard have regular gigs at O'Brien's, a quaint Fergus pub, and I have been joining them on bass.  Playing as a sideman has been a ton of fun and has inspired me on to keep learning as much as I can about my instrument.   Three more dates at O'Brien's are scheduled for the balance of 2012 and are listed on my gig page, Sept 22, Oct 6, Nov 3.

October 27, 2011
I have started a new band called Rivertown
& The Cupcakes with Paul McKeracher on bass and Pam Davies (Honey Mustard Jam) and Michele Hart on harmony vocals.  I think it is a great combination. Jill has uploaded videos from our Oct. 15th gig at the Café Creperie in Elora.  In the third set, the Cupcakes showed off their stuff with Paul on electric guitar and me on bass.  Have I mentioned how much I love playing bass? 

We will be recording a studio album of the Cupcakes favourite Mandic songs in the coming months and hope to have it available in December.

My volunteering days are behind me, although I have been asked to help with the new radio station in Fergus.  This winter I will concentrate on writing a batch of new songs (several are already in process) and working on mastering the bass.

I have updated my bio with the addition of the story behind the bio.  Check the gig page for upcoming gigs.  If you would like to be added to my mailing, please send me an email.

I hope you all have a good winter and for my Aussie friends and family, a good summer.

January 2014
2013 was a great year for my switch to bass. I played regularly with the Adam and Andy Show at their monthly gig at O
'Briens Tap House in Fergus, a warm neighbourhood pub that feels more like a house party.  At the beginning of the year, we started a four-piece with Ryan Young on drums.  We called ourselves Menace 2 Sobriety and played monthly at the Goofie Newfie in Fergus.  You can check us out at www.m2srocks.ca where you can watch videos, see where we are playing, and peruse our extensive song list which at last count was over 100 songs.  We also played some gigs at O'Sheas in Fergus and some private parties.  We couldn't be having more fun.  Our sound has developed nicely with the addition of several original songs by our songsmith Andy Robillard.  Thanks to regular rehearsals at the Treehouse Garage, we have tightened up our sound quite nicely.  We hope to get some gigs in Orangeville, Guelph, and Cambridge in 2014 as we expand our market.